About Us

AEGIS SECURITY FORCE (ASF) is a proud concern of Square Group. Security with the same Square assurance made AEGIS SECURITY FORCE (ASF) a preferred security partner to the leading companies of Bangladesh. Since its inception in 1999, AEGIS SECURITY FORCE (ASF) is proudly playing the role of securing your surroundings.

'Aegis' means impregnable protection or shield. As the name implies, AEGIS SECURITY FORCE (ASF) believes that protecting manpower assets and valuables of a company is a strategic requirement for any business operation and AEGIS SECURITY FORCE (ASF) is safeguarding these to facilitate sustainable business growth.

AEGIS SECURITY FORCE (ASF) with its 3200 dedicated and trained members creates a safe and secured environment for operation and proudly facilitating business process. 2800 members are specially trained in industrial security and safety, electrical safety, safety for use of mechanical tools/equipment, conflict management, confronting with awkward situation etc.

AEGIS SECURITY FORCE (ASF) is one of the leading security services in Bangladesh, securing more than 40 companies including UNDP, ADB, UNICEF, CARE, Grameenphone, Prothom Alo, The Daily Star, Save the Children, GTZ, RTV Islam Group etc.

Security is often broken by outsourced staff members and cleaning service personnel. Realizing the fact, AEGIS SECURITY FORCE (ASF) has widened its operation to protect this security gap by providing an integrated security solution. Currently AEGIS SECURITY FORCE (ASF) is offering a wide range of security equipments, secured operational support and housekeeping services.