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House Keeping Service

A housekeeper will perform the specific duty as per the need of the clients. Normal tenure of the duty will be 08 hours in a day, however depending on the contract it may vary. An individual will be allowed additional few hours of duty as overtime but our company discourage more than 08 hours duty at a stretch because it will compromise with quality of service.


All operational and administrative responsibilities of Housekeeping Personnel will be borne by the Aegis Services Limited. In case we face any inconvenience or if we like to share administrative responsibilities that will be sorted out before making any contract.


Any Service cannot be rendered or accepted without close cooperation and coordination between both the parties. Both the Company and the contractor should coordinate and extend all possible cooperation the best of their ability. To render better service to our valued clients we would expect weekly/monthly coordination meeting between the representatives from both the parties. Besides the routine meetings, we would always welcome suggestions / complaints if any from the clients and will be accepted gladly.


Close Supervision
Close supervision and monitoring enables to ensure quality service by Aegis employees. Supervisors always briefs and checks his subordinates about Do’s and Don’ts and about professional aspects.

Monitoring By Site Coordinator and Officers
Monitoring officers are responsible for an area comprising of 2/3 duty stations. They make routine and surprise monitoring of the employees and supervisors under their command during the all time.


Motivation and welfare is a prerequisite for high morale and employee retention. Because of competitive market we had to strike a balance between employee cost and service charges. Although it was very tough yet we could undertake the following motivation and welfare measures:

We consider private employee Act 2006 while calculating the carry home salary of every employee of our company. Besides for special assignment salary is revised and employee gets an additional amount as post allowance and attendance incentives.

Annual Salary Increment
We have catered for annual service increment for every employee. This will act as an incentive and compensation for annual devaluation. Based on the performance evaluation we provide 1-3 nos of Annual service increment to individual guard.

Festival Bonus
We catered for 2 Annual bonuses equal to 2 basic salaries and disbursed during two major festivals in a year.

Provident Fund
All the permanent employees are entitle to get Provident Fund facilities after completing the successful probation period in the service.

All the permanent employees are benefited with the Gratuity facility based on their serving period to the company.

Over Time
Over Time is admissible to an individual if he works for more than 8 hours in a day. However we discourage excessive overtime and suggest our client to take additional manpower that we can maintain work hour compliance.

Conveyance Allowance
Conveyance allowance is admissible to an individual if he moves on official tour.

Beside the above mentioned, cash and kind benefits, there is provision for promotion for the qualified and competent candidates.

Leave and Holidays

We have catered for leave and holidays for our employees.

Kit and Washing Allowance
This allowance is catered for ensuring tip top turn out and bearing.

Medical Allowance
To meet Medicare needs a medical allowance is given to our employees.

Food Allowance
To meet the messing expense food allowance is catered for.

Good Conduct Allowance
To motivate our employees and to increase their efficiency we provide them Good Conduct allowance at the end of the financial year.

Welfare Fund
To address the immediate crisis of the employee we have catered a non contributory welfare fund for Housekeeping personnel.

Employee provident Fund
10% contributory provident fund is catered following Govt. regulation for the housekeeping personnel.

Barrack Facility
We used to hire barrack for accommodation considering that housekeepers shall remain in well disciplined as well as ensure TQM.

Recruitment and selection procedure of housekeepers is very systematic and standard. For that we have already made selection criteria for various incumbents. Recruitment schedule follows the under mentioned sequence. Advertisement is published in the national dailies, candidates are asked to report to our training center on a specific date. A number of boards are formed before hand to conduct the recruitment. All the tests are conducted simultaneously. Candidates proceed one after another and appear in the series of tests. The one who qualifies in the entire test is asked to appear for the written test. Any one disqualified in any test is rejected right from there. We prefer to recruit fresh and young boys as security guards because they can be trained and molded as per our need.

Procedure of Recruitment
Five tests are conducted to assess the fitness of candidates. There are separate boards assigned for each job and they are independent of taking decision.

Preliminary Screening
A two member board is composed for screening the applicants. If any applicant does not fulfill our requirement as per corporate policy they are screened out.

Physical Tests
A team of 3 members take physical test based on selection criteria and their appearance.
Primary Medical Test
Primary Medical test is conducted to test general physical fitness with special emphasis on eye, ear, nose and diseases like hypertension, diabetes and asthma.

Interview board judges a candidate’s general knowledge, academic knowledge and appearance.

Written Test
Knowledge on Bengali, Mathematics, and English, IQ and general knowledge etc are ascertained through a written test.



The most important criterion of a good organization is its training. A good corporate always gives due emphasis to give adequate training to a ‘Youngman’ to convert him into an expert qualified personnel. Considering the professional lacking of the employee, a deliberate plan for comprehensive training was conceived. Accordingly a full-fledged training and a team of very competent instructors were organized. Besides the professional subjects, subjects for individual character building, personality development, manners and etiquette etc. were also included so that trainees first become a gentle man, good citizen and then become a service man.

Duration of Training
Duration of Training has been made for 01 week. This duration is essential because a minimum time is required to attain up to the expected level. The whole tenure of training has been organized in such a way that trainees learn their professional lessons in details but under stress. Training curriculum includes their personal behavior and conduct during off training period also.

Training objectives
Objectives of training are as follows
To developed cleaning qualities.
To developed sense of responsible.
To build up personal and professional skill.
To promote customer service.
To developed emotional stability
Training Requirement
An effective training is required to ensure the perceived task of a security guard. Following items are covered in our effective training module.
Basic concept on service.
System of customer care and development.
Basic skill of service.
Sending information.
Leadership qualities including customs and etiquette.
Essential spoken English and presentable expression.
Administrative knowledge and management procedure

Considering the requirement on security Job, the following subjects have incorporated in training syllabus.

Block Syllabus
1. Basic knowledge of Cleaning services
2. Knowledge of Discipline
3. Customer service
4. Cleaning service training

Mode of Training
1. Précis
2. Demonstration
3. Lecture
4. Presentation
5. Practical


Initial Training
This training is organized for the newly recruited trainee. Basically those newly recruited individuals are fully inefficient and don’t know the basics of service. So it takes the maximum time to build up develop, skilled and efficient manpower.

Supervisor Training
Supervisors are the first line commander of any manpower organization. So they need to know the basics of administration and organizing knowledge as well as ability of management.

Refresher Training
Refresher training is required for those individuals who have the lacking of knowledge on some special subject. On the other hand refresher training can be organized to develop the standard or knowledge of the housekeepers.

Why Aegis-House keeping Division is different

  • We are pledge bound to provide quality services
  • We are professionals
  • We have a full-fledged Training Centre at Ashulia, Savar
  • Our Staffs are responsive to customize service.
  • Trained on response functions like – Fire Fighting, First Aid
  • Our staffs are well behaved.
  • Criminal record is checked through Vetting

Control Services includes
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Hospital Cleaning
  • Corporate House/Office Cleaning