Our Services

Services Provided by Aegis

  • House Keeping Service (Cleaning)
  • Accumulated cleaning package for once.
  • External Glass Cleaning
  • Pest Control
  • Equipment services
  • Control Risk Management
  • Physical security to life and property at office, factory and residence
  • Survey, Assessment and designing of security plan
  • Security Investigation
  • Event Management

How a client can be benefited by Aegis Services

  • Aegis security personnel can act as eyes and ears of the risk owner.
  • Aegis security personnel can act as loss prevention agent through anti burglar and anti intrusion role.
  • Aegis security system controls waste, thus increase productivity.
  • Aegis security personnel can observe, monitor, servile and can take preventive and protective measures against neglect, theft, malicious damage, fire and other accidental hazards.
  • Aegis security system acts as deterrent for mischief-makers. .Aegis security personnel can share security anxieties of the management. .Indirectly they reduce overhead cost thus contribute to the profit to a client.