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Training Center and Training Activities

The most important criterion of a good organization is its training centre. A good corporate always gives due emphasis to give adequate training to a ‘Youngman’ or ‘Young Lady’ to convert him into an expert qualified personnel.

Considering the professional lacking of the employee, a deliberate plan for comprehensive training was conceived. Accordingly a full-fledged training center and a team of very competent instructors were organized. Besides the professional subjects, subjects for individual character building, personality development, manners and etiquette etc. were also included so that trainees first become gentle man/women, good citizen and then become a service man.

Our training centre is located at Gouripur, Ashulia, and Savar. It occupies 21 acres of land which is an ideal ground for such a specialized training like that of defense forces.

Duration of Training: Duration of Training has been made for 05 weeks for security & 01 week for housekeeping. This duration is essential because a minimum time is required to attain up to the expected level. The whole tenure of training has been organized in such a way that trainees learn their professional lessons in details but under stress. Training curriculum includes their personal behavior and conduct during off training period also.

Training objectives:

Objectives of training are as follows:
  • To developed leadership qualities.
  • To developed sense of responsible.
  • To build up personal and professional skill.
  • To promote customer service.
  • To provide the knowledge of service on management and administration.
  • To developed emotional stability
  • Physical and mental endurance.
  • Over and above skill development.
  • Training requirement:
  • An effective training is required to ensure the perceived task of a security guard or housekeeper. Following items are covered in our effective training module.
  • Basic concept on service.
  • System of customer care and development.
  • Basic skill of service.
  • Sending information.
  • Leadership qualities including customs and etiquette.
  • Essential spoken English and presentable expression.
  • Administrative knowledge and management procedure
  • Crisis management, Disciplinary action and reporting system.
  • Physical activities.


Considering the requirement on security Job, the following subjects have incorporated in training syllabus.
Block syllabus
  • Basic knowledge
  • Leadership and personality development
  • Administration and management
  • Customer service
  • Physical training
Mode of training
  • Précis
  • Demonstration
  • Lecture
  • Presentation
  • Practical
  • Group discussion

Stages of Training
  • 1. Initial Training: This training is organized for the newly recruited trainee. Basically those newly recruited individuals are fully inefficient and don’t know the basics of service. So it takes the maximum time to build up develop, skilled and efficient manpower.
  • 2. Specialized Training:
    a) Supervisor Training: Supervisors are the first line commander of any manpower organization. So they need to know the basics of administration and organizing knowledge as well as ability of management.
    b) Capsule Training: Capsule training is required for those individuals who have the lacking of knowledge on some special subject. On the other hand capsule training can be organized to develop the standard or knowledge of the ground force.
    Psychological molding and training load

Considering the training load and curriculum the five weeks training has been divided into three stages.

  • 1st stage: First two weeks of the training is first stage. During this training period physical and mental pressure will be higher then other period. By this pressure it will be easier to find out the mentally and physically fit candidate for this job.
  • 2nd stage: Third week of the training has been defined as second stage. This is the time to develop their physical and mental endurance and build up emotional stability.
  • 3rd stage: Last two weeks of the training is in 3rd stage. This is the time of adaptation in AEGIS culture, developing their input knowledge, observation and final assessment.